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Have you ever scrolled through your favorite social media platform and come across a piece of video content that made you stop? Maybe it was an ad for a clothing brand or for a sports team you support. Did it make you want to take action? For many consumers across the globe, the answer is yes.

In 2022, 79% of marketers that didn’t use video marketing strategies said they planned to build one. On top of that, 99% of those that did use a video content marketing strategy said they intended to ramp up their production of content. Video’s importance in the marketing world has never been more important. In this blog, we’ll break down five reasons why enterprise brands and b2b companies should incorporate video marketing into their awareness strategies.

1.Video Can be Shared Across Many Platforms

Did you know that there are over 820 million connected video devices in the U.S.? Think about that number for a second. Between smartphones, connected TVs, laptops, and computers, businesses are potentially able to get their branding in front of the eyes of millions. And video is something that the younger generation of consumers craves.

Through social media channels like Instagram and TikTok, websites, email campaigns, and even commercials, a well-executed video marketing strategy can be a one-way ticket to increased brand awareness. For example, a video a brand posts on social media can be shared by followers and those who interact with the content, hopefully leading to a viral effect that amplifies the video.

With Endavo, you can take your video content marketing strategy OTT, allowing you to create a platform specifically designed for your audience through streaming, monetization, and much more. Endavo enables businesses and brands to super-serve their superfans with longer-form and even premium content, as well as enabling them to directly engage with consumers more.

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2.Video Can Help Built Trust

A major benefit of video marketing strategies is that they can help establish brands as trustworthy over time. Videos allow brands to showcase their products or offerings in a more human and authentic way. Modern-day consumers may be skeptical of more traditional advertising methods, so the storytelling power of video can go a long way in guiding them toward your brand and building a relationship. Videos can help form a more emotional bond with your audience, making the marketing process a smoother one.

Think back to the social media example from the opening paragraph. When was the last time you came across a funny video or client testimonial that advertised a product, business, or service? When watching videos compared to reading text, studies have shown that around 95% of consumers better retain the information they are presented with. Because of this, countless brands from retail to b2b have turned to video marketing. And as more turn to video marketing strategies, those that hold out risk falling behind their competition.

An OTT Channel can provide a safe space for businesses and brands to tell their stories through video and take more control over the user experience.

3.Video Can Help Increase Engagement

Not only is it important for businesses to attract new customers, but also to keep them engaged as well. Video marketing strategies are a great way to do this. Videos are fun, informational, and easier to interact with. They can also keep people’s attention for longer periods of time. By combining visual and audio elements, videos can create a far more immersive experience for users. For example, if an enterprise clothing brand specializes in hiking gear, a video that includes landscape shots of mountain ranges and close-ups of the gear in action would be far more effective than a simple product image with a one-liner and pricing. Even better if this brand can tell relevant and entertaining stories, through video, that includes the brand instead of just creating an “ad”.

Overall, leveraging a video marketing strategy can be a game changer for enterprise brands looking to truly connect with their audience and drive results. When looking at the biggest brands around the world, it’s tricky to find one that isn’t sharing attention-grabbing videos with their audiences. Many brands have actually become great storytellers.

4.Video Can Break Down Complex Topics or Concepts

Perhaps you’re a b2b company in the software or healthcare industry. If you’re struggling to educate your target audience about what you offer, turning to a digital video marketing strategy could hold the answer. We’ve said that videos drive engagement and build credibility, but they can also be a versatile tools for brand and product knowledge. By presenting information that’s easier to consume than complicated diagrams, your audience may be able to better grasp your service through video, leading to higher retention.

An OTT Channel can provide a safe and dedicated space for offering informational and instructional video content about your products and brand. You can control the user experience, get much more data about your audience, and engage with your fans much more directly.

5.Video Marketing Strategies Can Increase Conversions

Finally, and maybe most importantly, a targeted video marketing strategy can help enterprise businesses—as well as small businesses—increase leads, conversions, and revenue. By showcasing your business’s or product’s value in an engaging and fun way, you can compel more viewers to take action. Videos are a great way to demonstrate the effectiveness of a product or service, showing viewers action shots that they can imagine themselves in. In addition, telling stories through video has proven to elicit a more emotional response than other media forms, which can increase the likelihood of consumer action.

Whether you choose to include calls to action, focus on high-quality shots, or tell branded stories, video content can create a sense of urgency amongst your audience. A video series can even assist with lead nurturing, helping you move potential customers down the sales funnel in a way that is enjoyable for all.

Although YouTube still boasts a number of benefits, if you want to learn more about how Endavo can help your business utilize a video marketing strategy through the power of OTT, contact us to get started with a 30-day trial.


What is a video marketing strategy?

A video marketing content strategy involves a business turning to video content to market its products or services instead of traditional advertising outlets like print media.

How do you start a marketing strategy with video?

It is important to first identify what you want viewers to do. By understanding the end goal, it will be easier to plan out which shots and calls to action to feature in your video and what kinds of stories to create.

Why use a video marketing strategy?

Apart from videos being more interactive, the benefits of leveraging video include higher brand awareness, increased conversions, and greater trust among potential customers. Video also helps brands develop more emotional connections with viewers.

What is an example of video marketing?

An example of video marketing would be a clothing company turning to Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms to showcase its products in motion to those scrolling through the apps. A complete strategy should include an OTT Channel for longer-form videos, live events and channels, direct audience engagement, and a safe space for all your branded content.