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Live Streaming Platforms:

What You Need to Know

Who isn’t on a livestreaming platform these days? If you’re a creator or a viewer of content, you more than likely have a couple of livestreaming apps on your phone or computer right now! After all, live streaming is expected to become a $247 billion industry by 2027. Safe to say, live streaming platforms are certainly having a moment and are continuing to blow up. Here are some more interesting facts about live streaming:

Which Live Streaming Solutions

Are Most Popular?

Live streaming platforms allow creators to upload, stream, and broadcast themselves or their content live to viewers. Most live streaming platforms are considered “over-the-top” (OTT), meaning they don’t operate as a function of cable or broadcast networks and they deliver live streams directly to viewers over the internet.

As the live streaming services industry continues to grow, chances are live streaming solutions will become more prominent in our everyday lives. However, there are a few livestreaming platforms that stand out from the crowd. They are:

live stream platformsTwitch, one of the world’s most popular live streaming platforms, is an online entertainment hub and live streaming solution that hosts a variety of live streaming services including games, music, talk shows, and special events. In 2022, 22.4 billion hours of content were viewed on Twitch, with over 2.58 million concurrent viewers. Their most prominent user base is males between the ages of 16-24. However, 35% of their demographic is female, and that number is growing.


live stream platformsYou guessed it, Facebook Live is Facebook’s live streaming solution that allows users—from brands, celebrities, influencers, publishers, media companies, and everyday creators—to broadcast conversations, performances, Q&As, and other virtual events. With Facebook Live, creators have the opportunity to go live from their phone, desktop, or Facebook Live’s “Creator Studio” app. Over 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook Live every day, and the platform has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on G2.


live stream platformsJust like Facebook Live, YouTube Live is Youtube’s popular livestreaming platform. Sharing live music, sports, news, and gaming has never been easier than with Youtube Live. YouTube Live allows creators of all different backgrounds and specialties to connect with their audience via real-time chat boxes, sponsorships, and replay features. Unlike other live streaming solutions, viewers can revisit live videos and streams after they air; creators can organize their previous live stream videos into selective playlists, making it easy to discover content. Also, for creators, if you’re worried about the quality of Youtube Live, 56% of those who watch live streams on Youtube claim that watching these are just as good as being at the event in person. YouTube Live holds steadfast in its quality and has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on G2.


live stream platformsLinkedIn Live is LikedIn’s live streaming solution that provides a fantastic opportunity for creators to expand and professionalize their network in an engaging and dynamic way. With LinkedIn Live, you can broadcast live video content to your connections, hosting real-time conversations, webinars, product demos, and other events that provide your brand value. Unlike other platforms, however, you have to apply to be able to stream on LinkedIn Live. Once approved, you can broadcast live video content using a compatible streaming tool, or share the recorded video after the live event, allowing those who missed the live stream to catch up on the valuable content you shared. Give LinkedIn Live a shot! Compared to traditional video content, LinkedIn Live broadcasters see 7x more reactions and 24x more comments on average.


Twitter Live is Twitter’s dynamic video streaming service that automatically connects creators with their followers in real time. With Twitter Live, you can broadcast live videos sharing news, interviews, and other valuable content. This feature provides a unique opportunity for creators to showcase their expertise, share their personalities, and engage with their audience on a deeper level. Twitter Live can also integrate with tons of third-party API devices, making simultaneous streaming from multiple live streaming solutions simple.


Another platform that is integral to the world of live streaming is Instagram Live. In fact, over 100 million people worldwide watch Instagram Live once a day. Compared to many other live streaming solutions, Instagram Live is beginner-friendly and makes it easy to connect with your audience through live chat and Q&A features.  Unfortunately, Instagram Live’s user interface does not allow you to connect to third-party livestreaming platforms. However, Instagram live is very e-commerce and monetization friendly, with live shopping, in-stream ads, and donations available. Instagram Live is a great streaming choice for up-and-coming creators to begin connecting with real fans in real time.

Vimeo’s Livestreamstreaming-platforms is a state-of-the-art, mobile-friendly livestreaming platform. Specializing in high resolution and HD quality, Livestream lets users broadcast, chat, and share photos with their audience, all from their mobile device or tablet. Viewers can browse from a robust selection of different channels and categories—from sports to live entertainment and more. Livestream has over 200 million users, catering to mobile creators and viewers everywhere.


live stream platformsNext up on the list is DaCast, another popular choice among the various livestreaming solutions offered in today’s crowded marketplace. DaCast is an online streaming platform that works to simplify the distribution of premium media content. Catering directly to professional broadcasters and businesses, DaCast hosts a variety of livestreaming services, connection and outreach opportunities, content management solutions, and analytics tools. DaCast has over 300,000 broadcasters on its platform and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2.


live stream platformsBrightCove is yet another enterprise and business-geared live streaming platform. Simplifying your video content delivery to a robust and diverse audience base is Brightcove’s main attraction. BrightCove helps media broadcasters, marketers, arts and entertainment, retail and commerce, internal communications, and sports companies realize the value of on-demand video and livestreaming solutions.


Endavo is a premiere OTT and live streaming platform that caters to creators, communities, and businesses. Endavo’s integrated live streaming solution allows users to seamlessly share live content across multiple channels including websites, OTT platforms, mobile devices, and social media platforms. With Endavo, creators can connect to global audiences, monetize content through subscriptions, donations, or pay-per-view, and host interactive livestreaming events with audience-friendly chat boxes, social walls, polls, trivia, donations, e-commerce, and more. Whether you’re a musician, a congregation, a film festival, or a large-scale event, Endavo helps you distribute all of your live content with ease. Unlike other livestreaming solutions, Endavo gives you full ownership and control of your live content and user experience, so you can customize your virtual live event, repurpose your recorded live content, and keep monetizing even after your live event is over.

Want to learn more about live streaming solutions?


How do livestreaming solutions make money?

Live streaming sites are more than just video-hosting services—they’re a chance to make money off your content. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably realized plenty of livestreaming solutions can earn you money. And while there are several different ways to plump your piggy bank using livestreaming solutions, we’ve spelled out the monetization models you need to know. This comprehensive analysis provides insight into which content distribution format (AVOD, SVOD, or TVOD) will work best for you and the unique content you want to broadcast.

If you’re a YouTube-specific user, finding ways to make money off YouTube can be challenging—as trends are changing all the time, year by year. However, we’ve found the solution to beating the YouTube algorithm, ensuring that your voice gets heard by the audiences you want, whenever you want.

Which livestreaming solutions are the best?

Well, it depends on you, your audience, and your goals. This is where Endavo comes in. We make it possible to live stream from one platform to ALL these other platforms. It’s your one-stop shop for streaming content without a hitch. So, if you’ve got a great following on Facebook Live, Twitch, Youtube, or any other live streaming service (or want to gain followers there) and want to reach them all simultaneously, we can make it all happen from one platform.

Sounds enticing, right? Learn how to live stream with Endavo.

How Do I Livestream With Endavo?

Want to know more about Endavo’s livestreaming solutions? We’ve got you covered with all the necessary and nitty-gritty details. See how it works.

How much do livestreaming solutions cost?

Endavo creates custom packages for our clients based on their needs. Get in touch with us today for a custom quote, or start your 30-day free trial to learn why Endavo is the best option for your livestreaming journey.

Can Endavo Live Stream With Facebook?

Endavo is a one-stop shop that distributes to all your favorite accounts, including Facebook. Learn more about how we can help you distribute and monetize your content for all your favorite apps.

Can Endavo Live Stream Events?

We have experience working with multiple types of events, from film festivals to pay-per-view sporting events and even the Democratic National Convention. With Endavo’s customizable platform, you can choose who sees your live stream, when it happens, and how you want to distribute the VODs afterward. Click here to learn more about Endavo’s livestreaming features.

Can Endavo Help Local Channels Live Stream?

If you’re a creator looking for a place to start, or a platform to build, we’ve got you covered. Just ask THEA, Atlanta’s personalized channel for showcasing creatives. With a channel like THEA, creators from all types of communities can convene to create content and broadcast live streams that showcase their creativity and make their voices heard.

Can Endavo Help Musicians Live Stream?

Want to host a livestreamed musical performance? Endavo can make it happen. Endavo users like Homage Land have used our platform to host their past music live streams, concert recordings, interviews with musicians, and block party mixes. Check them out to see how Endavo can become your central platform for hosting live music events.

Do Endavo Live Streams Have A Chat Feature?

We have a number of customized features built into our platform, including live chat. We can help you take control of your event with more ways to monetize and features that will help you level up your live stream engagement. Explore more options on our services pages.

Can Endavo Help Churches Live Stream?

Yes, our platform is designed specifically for churches too! Keep your congregation connected with live streamed services, on-demand bible studies and sermons, and Zoom video sessions. Click here to learn more about what we offer faith-based communities.

live stream platforms

See how Endavo empowered the Democratic National Convention to reach a global audience by downloading the case study.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are livestreaming solutions?

Livestreaming solutions are software or platforms that enable individuals and organizations to broadcast live video content to their audience online. These solutions typically provide the tools and infrastructure that capture, encode, transmit, and distribute live video content in real time.

What platform is best for live streaming?

There is no one “best” platform for live streaming as it depends on your specific needs and goals. Here are some popular livestreaming solutions and their strengths:

YouTube Live

Great for reaching a large audience, monetization options, and integration with YouTube’s vast video library.

Facebook Live 

Ideal for engaging with a Facebook audience, easy to use, and no additional software or equipment needed.


Best for live gaming content, active and engaged community, and monetization options.

Instagram Live

Great for connecting with an Instagram audience, easy to use, and can reach a younger demographic.

LinkedIn Live 

Ideal for professional content and B2B audiences while providing strong thought leadership and expert discussions.

What equipment is needed for live streaming?

Equipment for livestreaming solutions can vary depending on the type of content you plan to stream and the level of production quality you want to achieve. Here are some basic pieces of equipment needed for live streaming:

  • A camera
  • A microphone
  • A computer
  • An encoder
  • Lighting
  • A tripod or camera stand
  • Reliable internet connection

What is the best multistreaming service?

There are several popular multistreaming services available, each with their own unique features and capabilities. Some multistreaming services include Restream, Streamlabs, Switchboard Live, Castr, and Simulcast.