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An OTT Platform That Means Business

Sure, YouTube is great, but you need an OTT platform that actually feels like your brand and lets you take control. With Endavo you can customize, manage, and monetize your content to amplify your voice as a creator and grow your business.

How To Live Stream

Why Is Video Important for Businesses?

Isn’t it crazy to think that just 70 years ago most people only had one black and white TV in their house? Back then, most businesses relied on print media for marketing their brands and products. Now, with more video content than ever before being produced, everyone has a TV on their desk, on their wrist, and in their pocket. For reference, on YouTube alone, over 500 hours of video content is uploaded every minute. With that amount of content being produced, there must be people watching it, right?

Well, there are. On average, people are watching 17 hours of online video content per week. However, they aren’t all just watching for entertainment’s sake. 66% of consumers are watching video content as research to learn about  brands or products they have interest in. Because of that, the North American video market for businesses grew to $21.23 billion in 2022 and is estimated to reach $77.32 billion by 2032.

Although the video marketing industry has grown at an incredible rate, especially for businesses, many businesses don’t know how to host their videos on an OTT platform that looks and feels like their brand without relying on streaming media behemoths like YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. Obviously. There’s a place for the “public square” of social media platforms, but businesses also need a “home” for their most valuable content. That’s where Endavo comes in.

Introducing an OTT Platform for Businesses From Endavo

These days, everyone is a creator, including most businesses, and every creator should have a “super-channel” for their superfans. Endavo’s OTT platform serves as a safe place for businesses to host their live and on-demand video content, directly engaging with customers, prospects, employees, organizations, and partners, and turning their followers into superfans.

Boost Awareness, Build Trust, and Improve Engagement

The impact of video marketing is only continuing to grow. Start reaching your audience and give them the content they desire with a customizable and easy-to-use OTT platform like Endavo.

Automate Live Events

Create your own OTT platform that lets you easily set up, host, and livestream virtual events, and engage directly with your audience, whether it’s outward facing events for consumers or inward facing events for your organization.

Enterprise video platform
Host Video Content Internally for Your Business

With Endavo’s OTT data, we make it easy for you to host online courses, control who is allowed to watch your content within your organization, and track whether or not they are watching it on your OTT platform.

Monetize Content With Subscriptions and Sponsorships

Monetize your content exactly how YOU want to. Our OTT platform gives you tons of ways to diversify your revenue stream, including advertising, sponsorships, subscriptions, pay-per-view, and more. Businesses can create a much more direct path for consumers to make purchases and take action.

Enterprise video platform

Bring Your Business’s Content to Life With Endavo’s OTT Platform

Your content deserves to be seen and we want to help you reach your ideal audience. Endavo’s Video Distribution Automation (VDA) gives creators the power to scale their content as their business grows from one central location, so you can keep creating to your heart’s content.

How does a sports and lifestyle digital media network that posts daily content for over 500,000 yearly viewers get it all together? They turn to Endavo’s easy-to-use OTT platform.

“With other platforms, the price for what you’re getting isn’t worth it. We needed to get things done quickly on the platform where we post our content.” – Ben Shotten, Sr. Manager of Business Operations at The Identity Tampa Bay

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An OTT Platform Built for Your Brand, No Matter the Size

At Endavo, we’ve got the tools and features to build a platform that your audience will love to watch—and you’ll love to use.

Enterprise Brands

Want to do more with video content for your business? Endavo’s OTT platform is leading the way. You can even use your customized platform for online courses, training videos, and internal announcements. Endavo’s features also allow you to create a gated video hub, keeping your content organized in one place and giving management the visibility they need to track employee completion.



Need to educate or inform your audience about what your association offers? Livestream events and workshops or create a custom channel that’s dedicated to talking about the issues you care about, providing educational materials, and so much more.


See How We Can Take Your Branded Content OTT

Have specific platform requirements? Want to offer custom packages to your viewers? Explore our features below to see how we can customize your platform specifically for your needs or check out our pricing plans to see which options work best for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Enterprise Video Platform?

An enterprise video platform is a comprehensive, scalable solution that enables businesses to securely manage, distribute, and monetize live and on-demand video content across multiple devices and platforms. This tool empowers organizations to effectively engage with target audiences, streamline internal communications, and enhance marketing efforts in the growing OTT and streaming ecosystem.

What Is the Largest Enterprise Video Platform?

Due to the competitive nature of the streaming industry, the largest enterprise video platform is constantly changing. However, enterprise video platforms such as Brightcove, IBM Cloud Video, and Vidyard hold large market shares in the space.

Is YouTube an Enterprise Video Platform?

While YouTube is a popular and widely-used video-sharing and OTT platform, it is not specifically designed as an enterprise video platform. Enterprise video platforms offer advanced features, scalability, and security tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, whereas YouTube primarily serves general video hosting and sharing purposes for a broader audience.

What Is the Best Platform for Videos?

The “best” platform for videos varies depending on specific needs and objectives, as each platform offers unique features and benefits. For general video sharing, YouTube is a popular choice, while Vimeo is favored for its focus on quality and creative community. For businesses seeking an enterprise video platform or OTT platform, options like Endavo, Brightcove, and Kaltura cater to more specialized needs with enhanced features and scalability.

An OTT Platform That Works for You

Interested in learning more about what Endavo can do for your enterprise brand or association? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.