Discover Live Streaming for Musicians and Performances

Effortlessly live stream performances, concerts, music festivals, and more with audiences around the globe. Now that’s music to our ears.

live streaming for musicians

The show must go on — stream it live and on-demand with Endavo.

Live streaming for musicians and performing artists can generate income, grow audiences, and create deeper connections both now and in the future. With Endavo, you can easily and affordably continue playing, singing, acting, and performing for your fan base through streamed events, premium channels, and so much more.

Make money, no matter what.

In-person events might be canceled, but your source of income doesn’t have to be when you monetize through your own branded streaming platform you control.

live streaming for musicians
Grow your audience on a global level.

You’re no longer bound to your concert venue or theater locale — stream whenever, wherever you want to reach people around the world.

Streaming for Musicians
Connect with fans like never before.

Live streaming for musicians means making connections on a more personal level through package options like Zoom integration, interactive Q&As, and live chat.

Perform, grow, and connect everywhere.

live streaming for musicians

“Events and artists have opted to go digital to allow their audiences to enjoy the live music experience from the comfort of their couches.”

Paul Hamm, the founder and CEO of Endavo, shares tips and examples of how canceled 2020 events have successfully transitioned from live to live-streamed.

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Live streaming for musicians and performances made easy.

Create a custom package with unique features that will take your performance to the next level. Toggle to explore popular features used by musicians and performing artists.

Make money doing what you love most.

Generate income from your virtual events and content library with purchase options that match your content and audience.

  • Live event tickets
  • Donations
  • Sponsorship activations
  • Subscriptions
  • Programmatic/direct advertising

Take the global stage.

Leverage the features that are designed to enhance current audience connections and make new ones around the world. Add on services as you go and as your fan base grows.

  • Content management system for your on-demand content library
  • Upload platform for user-generated or creator content submission
  • Optimized mobile & TV apps are your branded destination
  • Interactive features like Zoom and chat rooms to involve your audience

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