This is Endavo.

We’re here to empower you

to do more with your content.

The Endavo mission is simple: Give brands and creators a better way to share, manage, and distribute their video content with the communities they love. With our VDA™ platform, reaching new audiences, developing additional revenue streams, and engaging with a robust, active online community has never been easier. It’s one video streaming platform, delivering endless opportunities.

Meet the people behind Endavo.

Paul Hamm


As Chief Executive Officer and president, Paul is Endavo's fearless leader, responsible for the overall management and direction of the company, as well as product and market strategy. As a principal investor, Mr. Hamm joined the company full time in 2004. As CEO, Paul managed the reorganization and recapitalization of the company, as well as relocation to Atlanta, before leading the company through private financing rounds to support the launch of Endavo’s new OTT video platform and entry into new markets, which began in 2008.

Stan Stratiev

Director of Engineering

As Director of Engineering, Stan is the man with the plan, responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of the company’s proprietary software, Endavo Media Management System (EMMS), as well as managing supporting software and services, and our website and application development team.

Stephen Wilkes

Director of Client Services

As Director of Client Services, Stephen is the go-to guy, responsible for the wellbeing of our clients and partners, by providing sales support, new client implementation, Endavo Media Management System (EMMS) training, and hands-on support for anything related the ongoing use of our digital media platform and services.

David Price

Director of Partner Acquisitions and Management

As Director of Partner Acquisitions and Management, David is responsible for directing and managing new channel and network partners, as they come on board the Endavo Digital Network, and supporting ongoing partner operations. As our UX and apps guru, Mr. David assists with UX design and scoping of their OTT sites and apps, manages app delivery and store release, and contributes his deep industry experience to help drive client/partner strategy, solutions and success.

This is our story.

Endavo got started with a feeling — an instinctual, gut feeling — about the next great thing in tech. In 2008, the market was tough financially, raising capital was hard, and the video industry was moving at lightning speeds toward an undefined future. But it was a future and a challenge that we were determined to take the reigns of, and with a little structure, a little development, and a whole lot of innovative thinking, that’s exactly what we did.

Endavo is “next big thing” kind of big.

Endavo isn’t just another way to stream. We’re reinventing the way content is delivered, grown, and monetized. By streamlining the management and delivery of content and
OTT services with our VDA™ platform, we’re going beyond improving the process to lead the content industry into the future. Ready to join us?

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Calling all creators, communities, and networks: We’re ready to help you onboard with our innovative and proprietary VDA™ platform.