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In 2022, over 11 million people streamed on Twitch for the first time. Were you one of these newbie streamers? Whether you’ve been on the live streaming platform since the beginning or just starting, there’s no denying Twitch has a significant impact on the OTT industry. In fact, the platform gets 31 million daily visitors on average!

What is VOD?

The acronym VOD stands for Video on Demand. This technology allows viewers to watch content instantly, whenever they want, no matter where they are.

OTT media offers three VOD revenue models: AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD.

AVOD: Advertising Video on Demand SVOD: Subscription Video on Demand TVOD: Transactional Video on Demand

What is a Twitch VOD stream?

A Twitch VOD stream is a past broadcast that was live streamed and saved to a user’s Twitch account for on-demand viewing. The video was once live but is now a VOD Twitch, meaning anyone can watch it whenever or wherever they wish.

Why should I care about Twitch VOD views?

Saving your live-streamed broadcasts as Twitch VODs can significantly impact your growth as a creator because it provides your audience with more opportunities to view your content. Offering Twitch VOD on your profile will allow your viewers to:

  • View your Twitch VODs when convenient, even if they miss it live.
  • Access your Twitch VOD archive whenever they want, wherever they are.
  • Share your videos with friends.
  • Re-watch your content multiple times.

When your Twitch VOD archive is accessible on-demand, your Twitch VOD views increase, and you have the opportunity to grow faster.

How can creators save a Twitch VOD?

Let’s not waste any time getting those increased Twitch VOD views! Twitch creators can automatically save their previously streamed broadcasts in Stream Settings on the Twitch Creator Dashboard.

  1. Visit the Creator Dashboard.
  2. Expand the Settings tab.
  3. Click the Stream menu item.
  4. Under VOD Settings, toggle “Store past broadcasts” to the on position to enable broadcast archiving.

Once you have enabled broadcast archiving, all your broadcasts will be automatically published as VODs by default. You can turn this setting off by toggling the “Always Publish VODs” option to the off position. You can also select specific stream categories to automatically unpublish in the “Exclude categories” section of the VOD Settings page.

Videos in the Past Broadcasts section can be unpublished at any time.

How do you watch a VOD on Twitch?

To access a creator’s Twitch VODs, visit the streamer’s profile. In the Videos tab, scroll down to view the Recent Broadcasts section. The streamer’s Twitch VOD archive is accessible in this section.

How long does a VOD last on Twitch?

Depending on a user’s account settings, the Twitch VOD will be stored for seven to 60 days.

Partners, Turbo, and Prime users: 60-day storage Affiliates: 14-day storage Others Broadcasters: 7-day storageTwitch Highlights allow users to save Past Broadcasts into shorter video clips that will remain on their channel forever.

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