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If you’re a content creator, you know that all the current platforms out there have rules for how and when you can make money. Normally there’s a complicated formula that targets your followers and views and in the end, it doesn’t often benefit you as the creator.

Endavo gives you the option to create your own OTT video network, which will give you full control over the network, or simply to create your own channel on one of Endavo’s partner digital networks (ex:,, all the while giving you the ability to monetize your very own content. Whether you are part of Endavo’s digital networks or ready for your own OTT service, here are the ways to monetize through Endavo.

1. Platform subscription services

Netflix does it, Hulu does it, Endavo does it. The strategy of subscription services is simple, efficient, and very successful, which is why we make it an option for your platform. You get to choose your rates and your packages so that you’re one step closer to reaching your financial goals.

2. Content sponsorship

Looking for a clever marketing option to fund your platform and content creation? We’ve got the capabilities that make it possible for you to leverage your skills and find appropriate partners that have the cash. You can choose the sponsored content or sponsor all of your content — whichever works best for you and your partners.

3. Live pay-per-view

If you’ve got the numbers, we’ll help you with the dollars. Live events are a great way to attract an audience and build a subscription base that will convert to paying customers. So leverage your content, influencer, and social media following straight to your platform and we’ll enable you with the resources to turn each pair of eyeballs into live event revenue.

4. OTT network syndication

Looking for predictable revenue? We’ve got the capabilities that will make your content ready for the money stream that comes along with syndicating your content to different platforms. While Netflix and Amazon are obvious goals for many content creators, we are developing relationships with emerging OTT networks and platforms seeking content partnerships – just for you.

5. Donations

People want to give to what they like. If you’re creative and want to enable your followers to support your work, we have the platform that will allow them to donate directly to your tip jar. After all, you’ve built the engaged community with your stellar content, so now it’s time to turn your popularity into a resource for you.

6. Crowdfunding

Got big ideas and a budget that doesn’t match? No problem. Endavo’s particularly equipped for helping out with crowdfunding and getting you the start-up capital you need. With a strong subscriber base and viewers, we can help you convert your reach into actionable cash that allows you to keep powering forward with the content your audience loves.

Endavo allows you to have control over your content without the frustration of feeling like you have to bend to someone else’s rules. Standing out amongst the crowd of people trying to make money off their creative content shouldn’t be a luxury. Endavo gives content creators the freedom and revenue to back up their ideas so they can grow exponentially.

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