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How to Make Money on YouTube:

5 Video Content Tips You Need

The way that YouTube lays it out, it’ll be surprisingly simple (and no, it’s not about how many subscribers you need) to make money on Youtube 2021. Just upload your homemade video content, and viola! Instant fame and fortune. And it makes sense — if you’re a content creator, that seems like an excellent way to fund your next project or create a new career.

But even though YouTube’s top ten performers in 2017 all made more than $10 million, there’s a science that goes into the strategies that make money on YouTube. It’s not just: film, edit, post, repeat. 

So if you’re ready to make a go of it this year, here’s what you need to know about everything from AdSense publishing to custom OTT platforms.

How to Make Money on Youtube in 2021 Using Ads.

With Google organic clicks shifting to paid, it’s a dog-pay-dog world out there. But that’s good news for you, as becoming an AdSense Publisher and running ads is one of the easiest and most popular ways to answer the question of how to make money on YouTube in 2021. By signing up for the program, you can serve your audience advertisements on your video content and earn per-click or per-impression basis. 


The only catch: Google requires that YouTube channels must meet 4,000 watch hours within 12 months and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers. Want more details on how this program works? You can check out the details and apply for the YouTube Partner Program here.

Use affiliate links.

As we’re already headlong into the Age of the Influencer, I hope this isn’t the first time you’ve heard that affiliate links can be a huge opportunity to help you with how to make money on Youtube. The tactic is simple:
Promote a product or user via a link, and get a commission when your viewers follow your recommendation. But the reality is that this works best when you already have a large following (or at least, a dedicated one, who really trusts you and your brand).

Content Tip: To build the kind of trust with your audience that will lead to successful affiliate marketing, you’ll need to make sure that whatever you’re promoting is not only aligned with your brand, but legitimately answers a need your users have. If you imagine a money grab — don’t. Viewers can sniff out unauthentic content in a heartbeat. However, you don’t need a large cult following to be successful on Youtube — all that matters is that you’re listening to your audience’s needs. Check out how to make money on Youtube without millions of followers.  

Work specifically with Amazon.

Want to take your affiliate marketing to the next level in 2021? There’s one way to do it easily, and well: Amazon’s influencer program. 

Growing in demand and popularity, Amazon’s program makes it easy to maximize your social media following to get commissions. Typically you’ll get a max 10% cut on the products that you promote when your viewers make a purchase, but with the plethora of products available on Amazon, you can have your lion’s share of products to promote via your video content.  

The only rub: Amazon only lets some people take advantage of their marketing program. So before you start thinking about raking in the chips with your video content, check out the details and see if you qualify.


Get fan funding, sponsorships, and more on your video content in 2021.

YouTubers know the value of a “subscribe,” and now there’s a great way to turn that into more funding for your projects. If you’ve built a loyal fanbase that just can’t get enough of your video content, you can encourage them to crowdfund your projects, leave a couple of dollars in a tip jar, and more. It’s a perfect way to engage your audience in a new way and make money on Youtube.

Endavo, a video distribution automation platform, is one of the best ways to give your fans a seamless way to provide you with money for your creative work. In addition to providing all of these ways for you to leverage fan funding, Endavo is also an OTT platform designed to be the one place that creators like you can house all of your projects and bespoke video content while distributing seamlessly to different outlets like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. If you’re interested, check out the monetization options here.

Sell stuff.

If you’re a content creator, you’re probably also making assets that could contribute to your bottom line. Depending on what your channel is about, you could make traditional marketing materials like online courses, guides, or ebooks to help others achieve success and expand your influence. Or, you can go the merchandising route, and make like DanTDM and create a crazy-eyed pug shirt to surprise and delight your 21 million subscribers. 

As your channel grows, your audience will start to “tell” you what they’re interested in through their engagement and their comments. Who knows, you could be the next Angry Cat, turning your funny-faced furbaby into a multi-million business.

So, how much money do YouTubers make?

In order to make money on YouTube in 2021, it comes down to one thing: the audience. Do you have one that you can leverage? 

Content that makes money is content that is loved. Are you sharing stories that matter to you? Talking about issues that require a conversation? Presenting never-before-seen visuals that deserve to be in the spotlight? Statistically speaking, if your answer is yes, then you’ll find a niche out there. And when you do, you’ll see the reward come in with dollar signs in front of them. 

And when you do, all of these content tips about how to make money on YouTube will really come in handy.