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iHollywoodTV serves up exclusive interviews, movie releases, and guest appearances in film, music, fashion, and the arts.

With the Endavo platform and Footprint Network, iHollywoodTV  founder, Noah Wilson has built a substantial following reporting the latest in celebrity news to adoring fans that number in the millions.


Noah launched
iHollywoodTV as a 10th grader

1st Interview

Why Endavo?

“Everything is digital these days, and Endavo has enabled me to stay in front of the curve. Because there are so many platforms to publish on and so many networks to leverage with, when it comes to Endavo, I know that I’m doing things right in getting my content on OTT networks.” – Noah Wilson


As Noah Wilson tells it, iHollywoodTV all started with Regis, Kelly, and a homemade video studio as a kid.

“As a kid, my sister and I had cameras — the old kind that hooked up with white, yellow, and red cords to a television— and we would watch ourselves on the TV while we interviewed our animals,” says Noah Wilson. “We wanted to be like LIVE! With Regis and Kelly.” 

Turns out, Noah always had a passion for wanting to pursue a career in interviewing. He opened up his first YouTube account at 10 years old, posting about Kelly Ripa. Two years later, he got serious about building his brand and doing his own thing. That’s when NOAH Pop TV was born. A channel dedicated to interview upcoming artists and showcase short films, he got the opportunity to collaborate with community projects near him. However, he quickly realized it wasn’t resonating with his audience. 

“That’s when I switched my focus to landing interviews with celebrities,” says Noah. “I will never forget my first interview with Lady Antebellum. I was just this young kid, and it was a multimedia interview set-up, so there were others there. They had me go FIRST, and I was so nervous, but Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum was amazing. From there, I knew that celebrities were what I was going to stick with.” 

In 2017, he relaunched his brand as iHollywoodTV. One of the first big interviews was with Brooke Shields in New York, helping the model and actress promote one of her indie films. From that point on, he started getting people from all over interested in iHollywoodTV, even some of today’s biggest cable network companies. 

“Ever since Brooke Shields, we have just been getting a ton of people from all over,” says Noah. “I was recently in Atlanta, and I was covering a movie, but I can’t talk about it yet!”

The Challenge

Searching the internet for outlets to get his audience reach to go the extra mile, Noah knew he needed a platform that was more than just YouTube if he was going to continue getting guests with big names. He had one, clear vision: Securing a larger viewership to ensure his interviews were valuable for the celebrities he was interested in working with. 

“I was creating content, and I came to a point where I knew I needed to look into trying to find additional platforms that could air my content,” says Noah. “One of the first questions others in the media look for is: ‘Where else do you air other than YouTube?’ Because they know that the more places you air, the more people you reach. I needed to answer that question.”

“Since Endavo, I feel like I’ve gained a lot of time for myself. Now my biggest time constraint is video editing because I do it all on my own. But once it’s ready, I just upload it to Endavo and publish to many locations at once, which is so valuable. Endavo is customizable too, so I can optimize the content on different platforms in one place and not have to re-input and re-upload in 8 different places. Plus I get analytics on the video performance on each platform, so I can see where my audiences are and what they like. With that, my content keeps getting better and better.” – Noah Wilson

The Solution

Launching with Endavo on February 14, 2019, Noah worked with Endavo’s founder Paul Hamm to get the iHollywoodTV channel created on the MCN platform, and from there, his content was distributed across Footprint Network and more. 

“I know Endavo & my currently active YouTube channel is why I’ve been able to get so many great guests on iHollywoodTV,” says Noah. “We’ve had Dog the Bounty Hunter, Olivia Munn, Jojo Fletcher, Jordan Rogers, and more. Before, I was manually ‘networking’ as I call it, shopping for networks, and asking if they were looking for content submissions. Some of them would say yes, but I got a lot of no’s. Now with Endavo, I’ve reached a higher level.”

“Using Endavo is what connected me to Footprint Network, and it’s been really great. It’s grown my audience, and my guests love it too because the first thing they ask is, ‘Where’s this content going?’ I always tell them YouTube and Footprint, and they’re amazed. Having that value (added with a presence on OTT networks) has really taken my value straight to the top.” – Noah Wilson

The Future

With additional options for networking and numbers that grow by the day, Noah is looking forward to what’s next: Getting sponsorships/partnerships. With the additional resources, he has plans for getting even bigger — and they all go back to growing his brand, and of course, scoring more celebrity interviews. 

“I’m getting to the point where I’m seeing monetary opportunities from my content,” says Noah. “That’s really my goal, and Endavo has made that possible. I’m focused on landing more interviews and growing my audience, and that’s really important for making sure I keep getting better.”