Happy National Streaming Day!

It wasn’t long ago when Tivo dropped society’s jaw, giving people the power to pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV which meant bypassing everyone’s favorite TV interruption–commercials. Over the last decade, innovative companies have risen up, taking that concept to the next level– giving birth to over-the-top  streaming (OTT) platforms. OTT has revolutionized the media industry, and become so much a part of our everyday lives that we now have a national day to celebrate the magical realm of streaming.

What's in store this year in the world of streaming?

There is certainly a lot to celebrate in the world of streaming today as big media companies continue to generate the most exciting releases to claim their spot at the big media table. Are growing platforms going to kick giants like Netflix and Amazon off of their long-standing thrones? Here are the top stories in big media that you don’t want to miss!

  • Roku has kicked off Q1 of 2019 reporting record-breaking revenue and went on to announce a bunch of new releases in hopes of riding the wave of growth for years to come.
  • Apple TV just released a massive list of shows coming to their new streaming platform, find your new favorite show here.

Not all big media companies are in the green.

A lot happened behind the scenes of big media today that could spell the end of Netflix, here’s why:

  • Disney bought out Comcast’s shares of Hulu and now fully owns the #3 streaming service (and will debut Disney+ later this year). This means come 2020, Netflix will have no Disney, Marvel or Fox shows/movies.
  • AT&T announced it will develop its own streaming service and will be pulling all TimeWarner shows from Netflix come 2020, including Friends, Supernatural and Arrow.
  • Not to be left behind, Comcast announced they will start their own streaming service in 2020 and will be eventually removing NBCUniversal shows from Netflix, including The Office, Parks & Recreation and Brooklyn 99.

The ever-increasing amount of players in the game has platforms spending big bucks.

Take Amazon for example, spending estimated $5 billion (Source: MediaPost) to produce content that wins your eyes as you sit down to be entertained. However, one comforting reality amidst the stiff competition is there are more eyes to compete for now, than ever before. In fact, an All American Economic Survey shows that nearly 60% of the public has some sort of streaming service. Meanwhile, the lesser 36% of people report having both cable and a streaming service.  It seems OTT platforms are aggressively carving away at that gap bringing the once far off idea of ‘death to cable TV’ speeding into the horizon! Don’t believe us? Check out these stats that show streaming FOMO is taking over! Roku also calculated that streaming hours on its platforms increased 1.6 billion hours compared with the fourth quarter of 2018 to 8.9 billion.


According to Statista, US online user digital video penetration will reach 83.1% in 2020, and a total of roughly 250 million total viewers in 2022.


“Social network video ad revenues will reach $11.69 billion in 2020, more than double the $5.68 billion in 2017.”


40% of adults between the ages of 18-34 also admitted to canceling or not showing up for other plans in order to stream content

To say that OTT streaming hasn’t influenced our lives is a gross misconception considering the term “binge-watching” didn’t exist before the streaming era! Some other terms you can thank video streaming for:

There’s definitely lots to celebrate this National Streaming Day, and we hope you celebrate accordingly with a binge-watching session of these new releases that have us giddy to dive in!

While you’re at it – here’s a collection of our favorite binge-watching snack! Happy National Streaming Day!

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