Hey creators, it’s your time to shine.

Looking for ways to take your performances and creative work straight to the bank? Here’s how to make money with Endavo’s Cash 4 Creators.

What is Cash 4 Creators?

Social distancing and cancellation of public gatherings, events, and performances around the globe, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, has directly impacted the livelihood of creators of all kinds, everywhere. Festivals, stages, and big screens are now shut down for most, if not all, the remainder of 2020.

What can creators do?

Our answer: Creators are stuck at home with nowhere to perform and make money. Take your live performance and creative works online and start making real money immediately through our Cash 4 Creators program.

Get Views. Get Paid.

How Cash 4 Creators Works

Endavo has multiple OTT platforms and networks that specifically cater to creators, filmmakers, artists, and storytellers. By building creators their own branded channel and virtual stages to conduct screenings, perform for fans, launch series, and tell stories through videos, we support your work and give you more ways to get audiences involved.


Gather Your Work

Gather your creative work or plan a live event.

Partner with Endavo

Partner with Endavo to get your live performances streamed on our networks and your channel launched on our platform.

Start Streaming

Stream on multiple networks and get views from your fans.

Get Paid

Get paid by the Endavo partner network for every 1000 views.

Who is Cash 4 Creators For?

Do you have a library of on-demand content begging to get out there? A new series, film, music video, or documentary? We can have your content or even your own branded channel up in just hours so you can start making cash.





Do you want to live stream a film screening or artistic performance? We work with you to deliver your performance on our virtual live stage just like you would on social media, except this time, you get paid. We’ll even record your live event so you can leave it on the network and keep getting views and making a living.

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Cash 4 Creators is Here to Empower You With More.

We’ve heard amazing stories of popular artists doing online performances and conducting virtual house parties on social media. We’re here to provide all that social media and other platforms can provide – plus a whole bunch more. And not just during the shutdown, but all the time. In addition to getting paid for views through our Cash 4 Creators program, here are other ways to make money with your channel or live streamed events on Endavo’s platform:


Accept donations from your followers and fans directly on the pages they watch. 

PPV Events

Sell tickets, record, and edit livestream events directly in the Endavo platform. 

Subscription Channels

Get strategic service packages to easily choose rates, build packages, and get paid.

One-time Rentals

Turn live pay-per-view and one-time content rentals into additional revenue for your platform.  


Leverage your skill set to find sponsors for individual pieces or your entire library of content. 

Programmatic Advertising

Offer traditional advertising like banner ads, commercials, previews, and more. 

Hear from our fans.

Here’s what our creators, distributors, and networks think about Endavo.

Both Endavo and my team were magically aligned. We came to Endavo knowing that they would really have to understand the value of working with us as a non-traditional network, and it has turned into this wonderful partnership.


When we searched for a platform to help us launch a multichannel creator network, we were glad we found Endavo. They empowered us with an entire turnkey platform that got our network launched everywhere in no time, allowing us to focus on building OTT distribution for the network and our creators.


Visually we wanted our platform to be on par with Netflix or Hulu. Endavo made that happen. We also wanted to be able to syndicate content from all our partners. Before it was manual, but now with Endavo’s syndication feeds we can automatically get the content where it needs to go.


It’s easy to get started.

You’re hours away from hosting the next great digital event. Let’s get started.