Everything you need to know about our Video Distribution Automation ™ (VDA) launch!

After a decade at the forefront of the digital content industry, we are excited to unveil our latest development: the Video Distribution Automation ™ (VDA) platform. This is a big day for us here at Endavo, but it’s also a big day for you, the creators. Why? Because the new platform combines OTT optimization, creator self-distribution and MCN into one powerful solution!

Creators need to be empowered to build content their way, and have the freedom to monetize exactly how they want to. We want creators to control their brands and reap the benefits of their hard work. This way, our creative communities are richer, our stories are better, and our creators can reinvest in their passion.

Paul HammEndavo CEO

Here’s everything the new VDA™ platform can do for you:

YouTube and Vimeo Integration

Our VDA™ platform is now integrated with Youtube and Vimeo API; which enables you to log into Endavo and actively manage your YouTube channel and Vimeo page directly within the platform. Save your time with this powerful multi-channel video distribution feature all in ONE place!

Seamless Social Media Posting

Now you can create video clips and schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, while also managing social video campaigns. This turnkey update provides gives you comprehensive content management —-you got it,  without ever leaving the Endavo platform.

Syndicate Channels with External Networks

The updated syndication process allows you to syndicate channels (or a custom playlist) with multiple external networks, such as VEWD, PlutoTV, Video Elephant, UnReel and Roku Direct — providing creators with the power to grow their viewership across the digital landscape from one central platform.

Monetize Your Way

In addition to the distribution and streaming capabilities, our VDA™ platform includes diverse revenue building opportunities for users outside of the standard packages offered by other online video platforms. Monetize your way with options including a la carte channel subscriptions, sponsorship, crowdfunding, pay-per-view live, rentals, waterfall ad packages, and more.

Ultimately, Endavo helps communities, and video stars of the world like you– better promote their content, with less effort. Experience the power of maintaining your native audience while also generating new ones in our customized platform customized backed with an innovative strategy for growth and revenue generation. Self-video distribution is the exciting new direction digital content is heading, and we’re thrilled to be the ones leading the industry.  

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