CEO and media mogul Ozzie Areu of AREU BROS. Studios believes in the power of technology to grow content (and entertainment) businesses and empower creators. That’s one of the reasons why the entrepreneur agreed to acquire Endavo back in August of this year. 

“It’s a game-changer,” Areu revealed to Forbes. “Endavo is really going to disrupt the entertainment industry.”

By teaming up with Endavo, Areu’s goal is to launch their own OTT platform in 2020 with its own distribution channels, removing the reliance on third-party distributors. The platform isn’t just about addressing content distribution, though. This tool, along with others down line, is geared towards empowering creators and providing opportunities for them to grow and succeed. For example, revenue-sharing agreements will allow independent creators to monetize their own content via the platform through advertising, direct sponsorships, subscription services, one-time purchases, tip jars, and syndication partnerships. 

“Now they [Areu brothers] have complete freedom by ownership of the platform to build, test and roll out new services and apps very quickly, develop, innovate and scale inside their sandbox vs. having to rely on multiple vendors to help them do that,” Endavo CEO Paul Hamm has said.

The Shared Values

Support of independent creators is just one of the values that both Areu and Endavo share. Ozzie Areu has long been a supporter of diversity and inclusion and has worked diligently to make this a priority. A Cuban-American who got his start working as a Warner Bros. security guard before becoming president of Tyler Perry Studios and eventually launching his own studio, Areu produces content that supports LatinX, women and underrepresented communities across all platforms of entertainment. 

Areu also launched the Qualified Opportunity Zones platform, a program enacted as part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was created to promote inclusion and diversity in the entertainment, technology, and real estate industries throughout Qualified Opportunity Zones in Atlanta, Puerto Rico, Miami, and Los Angeles. AREU BROS. Studios is the first film and television studio to join the program focused on providing long-term equity investors with significant tax incentives when they reinvest their capital gains in businesses and real estate located in designated low-income communities.

At Endavo, we also believe in empowering brands and creators with diverse backgrounds to share, manage, and distribute their content with their communities. Through our current VDA™ platform, users can reach new audiences, develop additional revenue streams, and engage with a robust, active online community.

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What the Ozzie Areu and Endavo Partnership Means for Creators

As Areu and Endavo continue to work together, these overlapping values and goals will result in more tools and services that empower Endavo creators to grow. More networks to syndicate content to and a much broader community of creators to network with will mean greater opportunities across the board. 

Take, for example, the onboarding process of our multi-channel network. Endavo’s video distribution automation (VDA) platform was created as a way to empower people with the opportunity to influence. And what better way is there to reach those audiences than with an easy, one-button way to upload a video and distribute it on your social outlets? As Endavo grows, our #1 priority will always be to make it as easy as possible for creators to get the audience, the funding, and the distribution that they deserve.

Interested in finding out how we’re already growing our offerings? Or want to know more about what Ozzie Areu has in store for Endavo?