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Endavo Media’s FOOTPRINT Network brings entertainment and lifestyle content to life

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FOOTPRINT Network is a multi-channel network powered by Endavo’s VDA platform delivering inclusive, creative content direct from the creators to the audience with innovative OTT technology.

“It’s not just about giving creators the ability to manage their channel. Endavo provides the ability to grow the business, and we’re seeing that work incredibly well through FOOTPRINT Network. As soon as Dark Zone or Binge wants to launch their own apps, they can do that with Endavo. We can help them grow by syndicating through networks, social media, managing YouTube channels, pushing content to their apps, and more.”  – Paul Hamm, founder of Endavo Media & CEO of FOOTPRINT Network


FOOTPRINT Network began as, a platform designed to leverage the opportunity of OTT technology to support and power local content creators. By building a unique platform using Endavo Media’s innovative infrastructure, provided creators with the ability to establish their brand without having to rely on the major distribution channels like YouTube and Vimeo.


Despite a state-of-the-art framework, never received the capital it needed to dominate within the OTT market. As an original collaborator on the project, Paul Hamm, founder of Endavo Media, decided to purchase the network and brand to devote the resources it needed to succeed.

“ was a great idea that I embraced, but it never really got off the ground,” says Hamm. “We liked the domain, the name, and the brand. Plus they had a nice base of content creators already in place, a content base that we already had an established relationship with. That’s why we decided to acquire the brand and the rights to the content creators — it was a very easy transaction for us. We shelved it for a few months and then relaunched it as FOOTPRINT Network.”

With direct competition from other OTT platforms within the market, Hamm and his team focused on updating the essential framework of the Endavo platform itself, allowing FOOTPRINT to bring the creative, competitive edge to dominate the market.


  • Provide competitive pricing for content creators to monetize their content
  • Enable content creators to syndicate across many networks and channels from one dashboard
  • Establish additional marketing opportunities through syndication, apps, and more


Less than a year after relaunching, FOOTPRINT Network is already seeing meteoric accomplishment for many of its channels and television shows, including Adultish, who’s seasons two and three syndications on FOOTPRINT enabled them to continue producing. “Adultish is raising capital for season four as a result of being on the platform and getting that exposure,” says Hamm. “Moving forward, the Adultish team wants us to roll our sleeves up and help them with development. We see it as one of FOOTPRINT’s main projects in the future.”

In addition to the success of many creators, the platform itself also received valuable updates in the process, including additional syndication and marketing opportunities. “FOOTPRINT is the premier network where we built all of our new MCN infrastructures,” says Hamm. “New apps, all the frameworks for digital media players like Apple TV and Roku, as well as the mobile distribution opportunities for apps. With FOOTPRINT, the new updates to our Endavo platform happened in parallel so that both our network and our customers can see the rollouts that we’re selling today.”


With a platform already built for creators to expand their audience reach, FOOTPRINT’s next move is to take a step back — all the way back to the production process. “We’re really focused on massaging the FOOTPRINT message and structure to become a development network and studio designed specifically for creators,” says Hamm. “We’re exploring different genres — scripted series, film, music, unscripted series — with the intention of establishing ourselves as the premier incubation and distribution development platform in the industry.”

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