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Some of the biggest names in digital content use Amazon Web Services or AWS for short. These companies include Netflix, Comcast, Adobe, and McDonald’s. So, you might be thinking, what does McDonald’s have to do with Amazon, and what does that have to do with me, a digital creator?

Good question.

Like McDonald’s, people want quick and easy access to your product. The solution is cloud-based data and content storage to connect you with your global audience. While McDonald’s uses AWS to keep its digital machines and databases running, digital creators use Amazon video hosting to keep their content accessible to their audience members.

Are you wondering if AWS hosting is the right platform for you? Keep reading to evaluate the pros and cons!

In this article:

  • What is amazon video hosting?
  • Pros of Amazon video hosting
  • Cons of Amazon video hosting
  • FAQs about Amazon video hosting
  • Why choose Endavo for your video hosting?

What is Amazon video hosting?

Amazon video hosting is an online storage solution for your video content through the Amazon Web Services (or AWS) program.

Amazon Web Services is the most widely used cloud-based platform, with more than 200 services for computation, data storage, analytics, IoT, and more. AWS offers technology solutions for cloud-based applications, including video streaming and storage. AWS hosting services are integrated into many organizations’ back-end solutions, and you will likely unknowingly utilize these services daily!

Digital creators can use AWS hosting to manage their video files and store them in the cloud so they can be consumed easily through applications and channels by anyone worldwide–no matter their device, internet speed, or browser. This AWS video on demand technology is the backbone of many video streaming platforms.

Pros of Amazon video hosting

As the leader in cloud storage, there are many benefits to using AWS hosting for your video content.

  • Security and Encryption 

AWS hosting is built with strong security measures to protect your content. Security experts monitor the AWS system 24/7, and all AWS customers receive DDoS protection automatically through the AWS Shield Standard service. There are additional services you can activate to receive further protection against attacks.

  • Worldwide Availability

Amazon video hosting is accessible to customers around the world. There are 27 launched regions (and growing), 87 availability zones, and more than 400 points of presence. With its network of global data centers, it’s rare that your content is not accessible to your audience, no matter where they are.

  • Innovative Network

Backed by the largest eCommerce market in the U.S. (by a large percentage), it’s no surprise that AWS hosting has a lot of staffing behind it. The team behind AWS is continuously making updates to  Amazon video hosting to improve the user experience and expand its services.

Cons of Amazon video hosting

Despite the benefits of using AWS hosting for cloud storage, the solution has drawbacks.

  • Complicated Technical Setup

Amazon video hosting can be complicated to learn for the average user. The options can be overwhelming with so many AWS hosting services and platforms. You must set up the cloud storage and sort out video transcoding, delivery, security, and more.

  • Outages and Downtime

Several major companies using AWS hosting experienced service outages and downtime in the last year. Most recently affected were Uber and Twitter. While outages are challenging to prevent completely, the size of Amazon’s client roster requires enormous data centers and makes it a target for hackers.

  • Costs Add Up Fast

With Amazon video hosting, you’ll pay more as you grow, need more data, or introduce more services. For example, AWS hosting offers Simple Storage Service (S3) for data and content. Still, it offers AWS Media Services, which provides a live and on-demand viewing experience; AWS Transcribe, which converts audio to text; and more video services you may find helpful for your audience–all at an add-on price.

FAQs about Amazon video hosting

Can we host videos on AWS?

Yes! Anyone can use Amazon video hosting on AWS. In addition, Amazon offers AWS video streaming services, like AWS Media Services, that allow you to stream your videos live or on-demand.

How much does it cost to host videos on AWS?

The cost of Amazon video hosting varies depending on many factors, including the services you activate, your region, the number of viewers, the file size, and more. You can use the AWS Pricing Calculator to estimate your monthly costs.

Does AWS have a video player?

Amazon video hosting offers an AWS video on demand player using three separate services: Amazon S3, AWS Elemental MediaCovert, and Amazon CloudFront. These three services work together to store, process, and deliver your videos to your audience worldwide.

Why choose Endavo for your video hosting?

When you join the Endavo team of creators, you don’t have to worry about complicated coding, development, or inconsistent billing. You get more than just a place to store your files for a steady monthly fee. You get a custom-branded channel hub, a place to stream live or offer video-on-demand, engagement tools to connect with your viewers, and plenty of opportunities to monetize your content. You can even create your own Roku or Apple TV OTT app!

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