With the 19th Amendment Centennial around the corner, CREW — a nonprofit that stands for Civically Re-Engaged Women — wanted to honor the 100 years that have passed since women earned the right to vote.   CREW is a client of Endavo Media and will be presenting the virtual conference using Endavo’s OTT platform. CREW’s mission revolves around achieving political parity, igniting civic engagement, and embracing social responsibility for women across the country, and this virtual experience is geared towards accomplishing exactly that.

“We want to do the right thing as a media platform. I feel the responsibility of accurately telling the stories that for so long have been silenced.  Our speakers are trailblazers of today sharing the same issues as yesterday.  We believe in making people feel like they are seen and heard. It’s all about inclusion and diversity.”
– Sharon Nelson, CEO of CREW


Founded in 2017, CREW provides professional development and training with a political focus. The organization hosts annual conferences and special events focusing on best practices for winning results. At the conferences, private and public sectors compare playbooks on efficiency, volunteerism, corporate social responsibility, and contemporary progress to prominent societal issues, values and practices.


When Covid-19 happened, CREW was looking for a way to reach their audience and make talking about uncomfortable subjects fun and engaging. Previously based in the Grand Ballroom of the NY Hilton Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.  Upon the closing of NYC by the Governor, the organization was seeking to create a broader platform for engagement and high impressions via subscriptions and memberships in order to generate recurring revenue to aid in sustaining their CREWTV platform.

“We’re telling a story,” Nelson explained. “The best way to tell a story is through a medium that is both accessible and entertaining.”

CREW needed a platform to host their upcoming conference, The 2020 Seneca Falls Revisited Virtual Conference, held in honor of the centennial 19th Amendment.  It seems that the CREW virtual event is the sole survivor of celebrations prior to Covid that were being celebrated in all 50 states.  This nationwide celebration “the first of its kind” that’s following the historical timeline in celebrating women’s accomplishments for the last 100 years combined with addressing issues facing women today is a hit!  Topics range from Equal pay, Gender discrimination, ageism, ERA to voting and all aimed at tackling future challenges with solution propositions. 


CREW turned to Endavo to host their OTT network, CREW TV, as a way to reach audiences about important issues. Through the platform, CREW features engaging video content centered around Civil rights, Social Justice, women’s Advocacy and Civic Engagement as it pertains to current events, professional development, special events/conferences.. 

In addition, CREW will be hosting its virtual conference on Endavo’s platform to inform, entertain and educate in a way that evokes civic engagement from all audience viewers regardless of age.. 

“The only way we could have relevance is by being OTT,” said Nelson. “We can’t afford to pay ABC, CBS, or NBC for a three-day streaming celebration, so Endavo was the right fit for our needs.”



The 2020 Seneca Falls Revisited Virtual Experience is a celebration of women’s suffrage and the 19th Amendment Centennial.

  • Who: Join the CREW team, along with over 40 notable speakers such as Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President and Conference Chair, and Michele Jones Galvin, the (3x) Great Grandniece of Harriet Tubman and Conference Co-Chair and Kenneth Morris Jr. (3x) Great Grandson of Frederick Douglass
  • What: A three-day virtual experience honoring the centennial celebration of women’s suffrage.
  • Where: Online via CREW TV
  • When: July 23-25


With the help of an OTT platform like Endavo, CREW plans to continue to bolster engagement and drive revenue through subscriptions and memberships. 

“We have a social consciousness to uphold with this network, along with our mission to promote civil rights and social justice. These days, it’s all about empowering people to make the change by keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s happening right now.” – Anthony Beauzile, President, CREWTV.

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