EnGage Mobile App and UGC System

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EnGage Mobile App and UGC System

EnGage Mobile App and UGC System

Make mobile-created content instantly available for OTT or broadcast distribution and video production workflows. EnGage Mobile App enables your fans or mobile reporters with an always-connected, easy-to-use tool for capturing high quality content from virtually anywhere at any time, using their smartphones and connected cameras.

Who Uses EnGage?
Multi screen content
  • Mobile Journalists – Empower field reporters with an always-on systemfor easily capturingand submittingbreaking news, impromptu interviews and live events.
  • Event Venues and Fans - Engage fans to contribute their content streaming in from tailgates to the stands, all of which becomes instantly available for centralized distribution management or repurposing.
  • Remote Responders – Turn first responder smartphones into a less intrusive systemfor easily acquiring valuable event footage before the trucks and heavy equipment can roll.
  • Enterprise Agents - Get mission-critical business content instantly from the field for review, action and analysis.

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EnGage User Levels – Tiered user group privileges allow access to appropriate actions and modules upon device authentication
  • Reporters (Fans) - capture video, photos (individual or galleries) and audio, from within the app or import content located on the device, then instantly activate captured content, add metadata, assign to categories, and submit for publishing; activated content uploaded instantly to media management system
  • Publishers - can immediately see review, comment (video or text), and publish activated content
  • Managers - can assign jobs to organized mobile groups using audio, photo or video messages; notification system alerts new assignments

Enable Mobile Content

Expand the number of video contribution sources that are capturing and uploading user-generated content (UGC) within seconds from their iPhones and Android smartphones.

Easy to Use

Quick to set up, lightweight and “Facebook simple” to operate with intuitive on-screen controls; automatically connected with a managed back-end system.

Centrally Store & Manage

Feed video, audio and photo galleries directly into the Endavo Media Management System for Instantinclusion into OTT video workflows or integration intobroadcast or production workflows.

Assign Event

Administrators can remotely assign jobs to mobile journalists and groups who are close to events that need immediate coverage.

Deploy Widely

Turn everyone in your organization or community into a mobile journalist when they experience breaking news; add multiple perspectives or supplemental content for live sports, event coverage, and other video productions.

Endavo has empowered us with all the tools needed to engage users to contribute highly valuable digital content from anywhere!

Success-Driving Services

Content Management

Activated content is uploaded to Endavo Media Management System for archival, publishing, distribution and monetization across the Endavo OTT Video Services Platform or into production and broadcast workflows.

End-to-End OTT Delivery

We will custom tailor an end-to-end multiscreen video services delivery solution, so all you have to do is upload content, manage your business, and grow your revenue.

UI Design & Programming

We design, build and host video websites and native device applications served from our media management system, or we provide APIs and embeddable players so you can DIY.

Training & Support

We provide highly-responsive client support & training to help drive success. A dedicated team is always a click or call away from helping to solve technical or workflow challenges.

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