Endavo Digital Network

OTT Video Services

OTT Video Services Platform is a cloud platform for managing, distributing, and monetizing digital and entertainment in the new era of “over the top” TV

Ingest, store and organize all your professional digital media in a private cloud, securely and always accessible, while we prepare it all for multiscreen distribution according to your specified needs
Package your VOD library into custom channels and programming, manage all your associated metadata to maximize discovery, and create custom video service packages for your business
Publish branded video services directly to multiscreen consumers, distribute custom VOD channels to the social web, and license premium programming to MVPDs for syndication to their subscribers
Create, manage and deliver branded SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, PPV live and other premium entertainment services
Get all the stats and reporting you need about your media inventory, subscribers, engagement, transactions, syndication and service delivery performance

Multichannel Networks

MCN Platform is designed for aggregating, managing, and delivering premium curated multichannel digital content and next-generation OTT-TV services

Easily import VOD assets or ingest Live TV channels and associated metadata, from inside or outside the Endavo platform, into a turnkey multichannel network (MCN) management system.
Channel partners independently populate and manage their own channels, then syndicate channels to MCN account for review, curation and publishing.
Easily manage territory or device rights, release windows, business rules, and end-user access.
Assign aggregated channels to subscription services or assign advertising or transactional pricing to individual programs, series, seasons or channels.
The platform captures all delivery, engagement and commercial data necessary for both MCN and content providers to analyze and manage their business relationship.

User-Generated Content

EnGage Mobile App and UGC system enables digital content contribution directly from smartphones and connected devices, for instant OTT distribution

Expand the number of video contribution sources that are capturing and uploading user-generated content (UGC) within seconds from their iPhones and Android smartphones.
Quick to set up, lightweight and “Facebook simple” to operate with intuitive on-screen controls; automatically connected with a managed back-end system.
Feed video, audio and photo galleries directly into the Endavo Media Management System for instant inclusion into OTT video workflows or broadcast or production workflows.
Administrators can remotely assign jobs to mobile journalists and groups who are close to events that need immediate coverage.
Turn everyone in your organization or public community into a mobile journalist when they experience breaking news, live sports and event coverage.


Endavo enabled us with the ability to quickly launch our new digital entertainment network to bring premium Caribbean content to the world. They made it simple and easy.

The Endavo platform was the perfect solution for us to launch our new multichannel network and they successfully support our continuous expansion of next-generation OTT-TV services.

Endavo has been an excellent partner by getting our subscription video-on-demand service up and running on Roku and supporting us along the way, so we can focus on content and marketing.